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The enormous richness of natural therapeutic factors, the extraordinary beauty of balneary resorts, the quality of medical staff who provides medical-balneary services, make Romania an European leader in this field.

Due to geographical position and complex geological structure of Earth shell, Romania disposes of high richness of mineral factors of treatment : mineral waters, choke damps (natural emissions of therapeutic gases), mud , therapeutic lakes. These are generously spread on the entire surface of the country, in different climates areas, Romania disposing today of over 160 resorts and localities with curing natural factors, in many of them the endowments being exceptional, with accommodation, meal and treatment in the same sanatorium complex.

VARIETY OF MINERAL WATERS.Over 30% of mineral waters of Europe are encountered in Romania. They are either simple,oligomineral,alkaline,ferruginous,hot, arsenical,osmolar,sulphurous or carbogaseous, they marvellous effects have been known since antiquity. Today, these sources of health are still the ideal therapy for body and soul, having beneficial, tonic, stimulating,curing general effects. We shall mention further on only a few of the great number of balneoclimateric resorts, presenting them briefly and informing you about the affections which may be treated:

Baile Herculane.Situated in a gorgeous area, the climate being excellent the entire year, it is a station discovered in antiquity, during Roman times, which still maintains its historical charm. Here are successfully treated : rheumatoid affections, affections of nervous system,diseases of digestive tract.

Sovata. Situated in the centre of Transylvania, it is placed on a salt mountain, the surroundings being spectacular through their beauty. Here are treated: rheumatoid diseases, neurological peripheral diseases, endocrine diseases, cardiovascular diseases. The great secret of the station is the treatment of gynaecologic diseases and of sterility due to thermal sources, special mud and lakes with chlorine-sodium water.

 Vatra Dornei: Situated in Oriental Carpathians,it is a locality with great historical value. It is admirable for therapy of non-tuberculosis and allergic chronic pulmonary diseases,chronic rheumatism, sequelae of orthopaedic and peripheral neurogical diseases, heart  diseases. 

BaileTusnad. Situated in Eastern Transylvania, in a depression which offers special tranquillity, is favorable for persons with physical problems. The sources of mineral water from here have been used since 1880, with special results in curing cardiovascular affections, affections of nervous system, digestive affections (chronic gastritis, enterocolitis) and endocrine affections.

Calimanesti. It is considered the “pearl” of stations on Valea Oltului, due to marvellous landscapes wich may be admired in this area. Of the entire surface of the station,almost half it is covered by the extended forests of broadleaves and resinous trees.Here are cured the stomach diseases.

Govora.Known since 1866, the station is recommended to patients suffering from neurological affections, the waters being rich in chlorine,sodium, iodine,bromine,sulphur (for external cures ) and waters rich in magnesium, calcium,sulphur (for internal cures).

Moneasa.It is the “pearl” of Occindental Mountains, the locality being positioned in a small depression on Valea Moneasa , on the feet of Codru Mountain, sheltered by hills and broadleaf forests. It is rich in curing waters extremely appreciated.


Ocna Sugatag.Situated in the area of Maramures, especially beautiful area which offers besides sensational landscapes different possibilities of treatment for affections such as : cervical, dorsal and lumbar spondylosis, arthrosis and polyarthrosis, tendonitis, post-traumatic affections, peripheral neurological affections or gynaecologic problems enjoying natural resources placed at disposal:mineral waters with concentration of chlorine-sodium, atmosphere rich in negative ions for physiotherapy, electrotherapy or thermotherapy.

Slanic Prahova.The intensive tourism in the area is also determined by the existence of a mountain covered with salt (natural reservation) and by the existence of the picturesque Lake of Bride, being 20 m deep which was formed in 1914 pursuant to the collapse of a salt mine. The station is ideal for degenerative and diarthroidal rheumatoid diseases (dorsal and lumbar cervical spondylosis, arthrosis, polyarthrosis,tendonitis, tendinyosistis, scapulohumeral periarthritis), for those in  post-traumatic conditions ( after cricks, luxations, member fractures, treated by surgical methods, arthrosis), diseases of perpheral nervous system, old sequelae poliomyelitis, affects of polyneurosis, gynaecologic diseases, respiratory diseases, dermatologic diseases (psoriasis, incipient ichthyoids, keratotic dermatitis), vascular diseases.

Salina Praid.It dates since Roman period, the position being recommended to patients suffering from respiratory        affections who may shedule for an underground salt treatment.


Mud is one of the most extraordinary elements of nature, having a strong impact on human body: potassium,calcium, magnesium,sulphur,iodine,iron,zinc, being only a part of the elements which enter in the composition of mud.There are  2 kinds of mud: the real mud and clay. The natural habitat of mud is the bottom of seas and lakes with a high charge of organic elements, whereas clay having a composition similar to that of human body ( contains calcium, magnesium, silicon, iron,potassium, etc), it is also named marvellous live earth. The vegetable mud is black, grasy, salted and in contact with air becomes grey. This, especially the one came from the bottom of Techirghiol Lake, is known for its therapeutic properties all over the world because it has received the gold medal on the Universal Exhibition of Paris. It contains 41% inorganic salts, 39% organic substances and 20% water. The affections which may be treated with mud are: poststreptococic rheumatism, rheumatoid polyarthritis, anchylosed spondylitis, psoriasis, arthropathia, reactive arthropathia, pre-arthrosis states, cervico-dorso-lumbar spondylosis, lumbar ischialgia, primitive or secondary coxarthrosis , gonarthrosis, arthrosis of hands and legs. Also, mud is efficient in treating some dermatologic affections : psoriasis, eczema, at the same time nourishing the skin , relaxing it and reducing as well the stress. It is also recommended for gynaecologic diseases.The clay, which may be white, green, red or yellow has curing qualities discovered in antiquity. It is extremely efficient in anaemia, fatigue and body demineralisation,afections of oncologic nature,treatment of atherosclerosis , arthritis, renal calculus, stomach or duodenal ulcer, migraines, calvities, sinusitis, hepatitis, gastroduodenitis, conjunctivitis, bronchitis, lumbago,neurosis_and_many_others.

In Romania there are many balneary resorts which may offer treatments with  mineral waters, salt , mud and clay. If you contact us , we will inform you and we will make all travel arrangements for the most suitable places where you can get these treatments, so as you feel again healthy, refreshed and full of energy. You can choose now balneotherapy in Romania, the best thermal spas for you , the best healthcare with the best prices.