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Day trip to Constanta & Black Sea

Duration: 12 hours. Price:single:365 eur, for 2: 149 eur/pers, for 3: 139 eur/pers, for 4: 119 eur/pers, from 5: 89 eur/pers
Start Time: 8:00 AM Services included: transport, bridge’s toll,parking fee, professional guide (EN).
Departure Place: your hotel.

Archeology Museum & Art Museum of Constanta • Ovidiu Square walking tour • Constanta Casino •  Roman-Catholic Church “Sf. Anton” •  The Roman Wall • “Mamaia” Resort

The name of Constanta dates from the Byzantine ruling when Tomis appears in Byzantine and later Italian documents, as Constantia, after an important imperial Roman family. But the city images changes, become more rural after the devastating Barbarian migrations.
In the 10th – 13th centuries the city will participate, as an urban center of some importance, at the period events and continue its harbor life. In this period the naval trade was dominated by Italians, those from Genoa being the most important. Today, there still exists a building from that period, the “Genoese Light-house”, reminding us the famous Genoese merchants.
In the 14th century another empire is in expansion in this region, the Turkish Empire.
After the building of the bridge across the Danube, between 1890-1895, by the famous Romanian engineer Anghel Saligny, the longest bridge in Europe, and the 3rd in the world at that moment, the Romanian Maritime Service was founded, and the maritime line Constanta – Constantinopole was opened. The harbor was modernized by a great reconstruction plan (1985-1909), with installations, warehouses, silos; the harbor traffic grows constantly, hundred of ships under all flags boarding at its piers. After December 1989, the city remains the second town after Bucharest and seeks new development directions.
The Danube – Black Sea Canal is a canal in Romania which runs from Cernavodă on the Danube to Agigea (southern arm) and Năvodari (northern arm) on the Black Sea. Administrated from Agigea, it is an important part of the European canal system that links the North Sea to the Black Sea.